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The mission of Equazion Limited is to be a leading supplier of Facilities Management and Installation Services to our core market in the Public and Corporate sectors. 

Our vision for the Business over the next five years is to:-

• Grow and develop the business by adding value to our key products and associated services and in 5 years time show a turnover of £2 million with a pre-tax profit in line with previous performance.

• Maintain competitiveness by creating and retaining customers through offering excellence as standard.

• Focus on the needs of the client across all areas of the business.

• Develop new markets in the Leisure and Retail sectors.

• Embrace change and innovation to stay ahead of the market.

• Communicate freely with all staff in an open and supportive manner so staff are genuinely empowered to give their best and are actively engaged in comprehensive training and personal development programmes.

• Develop collaborative partnerships with Clients, Suppliers and other Organisations.

For each of these seven goals we will have implementation and delivery plans that contain clear objectives and assessment criteria. In achieving this vision we hold firmly to the seven values that underpin all that we do.

•    Passion: We are proud of our company and we believe in what the company is seeking to achieve. We are eager for success and want to ensure that working within Equazion Limited is always fun and rewarding.

•    Respect: We are friendly and courteous in all our relationships with colleagues, customers, suppliers and investors. We will be open to constructive criticism in a risk tolerant and blame free culture.

•    Professionalism: We are reliable and consistent and we excel in the standards of presentation of our people, products and premises. We ensure our service levels are market leading.

•    Integrity: We are trustworthy and honest in all that we say and do and take responsibility for our own actions.

•    Recognition: We appreciate the efforts of our colleagues and the importance of teamwork. We recognise and value their achievements and will celebrate their successes.

•    Opportunities: We will provide colleagues with personal development, training and a rewarding career.

•    Commitment: We are all committed to playing an active role in the wider community and will contribute our time and talents to that end.

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